Fear Not

by M. T. Hall


Butt lo... shall all the Kings, yea of North not far south of Eiree, South on the Plains of Charlotte and Midwest on the Plains of Edmond, rejoice in their new Papa Ratzi, the Children of God to motivate with great speculations. For therein do these kings know lie the shekels given for the promise their hides to spare in times of trouble such as never was. And they shall know this Papa shall seek them out, as true ones to be slain, yet Papa Ratzi shall say "depart from me, I never knew you, nor would I care to. For I have much stuff to do, budgets to balance and sheep to return to the fold - not to mention Priests to chat with about stuff...stuff and much stuff... don't ask." 

And the world shall wonder after these Kings who so badly the Kingdom to come doth wish and their mortal wetsuits of carbon to shed for bodies of light and power, and yet so much their hides to save in places safe do preach. For final training must they have, would to God they had some now. But soon shall they to hyperspace leap and with rods of iron our love for them to demand, with a whole heart, mind and soul...good luck with that.....

And the Sons of Men shall cry "duck, duck... for the rods of iron love do they swing that we might learn to obey. Yet rejoice we not in these Talibanians most immortal, for how can this be of improvement most good when in their wetsuits of carbon they were so foolish and of narcissism most filled.? Can a leopard change it's spots...we think not. Spare us this love for it grieves our spirit and seemeth as the love of Hitler, Stalin and Pol Pot for their brethren. And the great cry of "Doh" went up form the earth again, times, time and a few more times.

And these Kings shall see in Papa Ratzi the end of all flesh, yet this Papa seemeth himself already his own wetsuit of carbon soon to shed. For this Papa shall no young goat be......and so, perchance, there be one more to come, as sayeth the Prophecy of Malarkey. But stoppeth this not the Kings much hay to make of Papa Ratzi and sheep to draw unto themselves with musings most ill informed. For in that day do they know fear doth most unconscious humans motivate to give, give and give a lot, their hides to save for training most final. For in unconsciousness be the key to shekels given and Viva Prophet Gerry, Apostle Dave and Resident... no that beith it not, Rod be spoken.

And the King of the West shall not care for these things and never would they be spoken of. For the King of the West shall find Joy in heaven betimes and that's about it, as far as we can tell. And in Jesus most cuddly and warm. And the great miracle of Jesus in their midst shall leave the four of them with security in him enough, and in great riches more than enough, of course betyoutobelieveit, don't tell the sheep we stole their offerings nah nah, nah nah nah. And the Twenty Four Elders around the Throne shall sing "Oi veh, Oi veh, Oi veh, day and night forever... argh.

I John of the Cave, and Greetings from my undisclosed location, whose pants erupt not in flammage nor taste smoke upon mine lips nor smell it betimes ever, tell thee fear not, for these Kings are not kings and know not how to read the book, nor the history thereof. They be not in the book...it be not about them nor the imaginations of their hearts. And fear not Papa Ratzi either by the way, world without end..... For they shall pass and their carbon based wetsuits shall they exchange for another shot at getting it right, perhaps, who knows...we can all hope...amen and amen...

Viva Me...
Your Friend,

Translated by M.T.Hall... (get it BT...EMMMMMM Teeeeeey Hall:)
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