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Herbert W. Armstrong Flurry's Philadelphia Church of God
herbart.JPG (7325 bytes)HWA: The Self-Made Legend
HWA's Amazing Magnum Opus
Phillip Adams' on HWA
David Robinson's Incest chapter
HWA's Religious Roots
The WCG and Medicine
The WCG and Broken Homes
Herbert Armstrong: Racist
HWA - Sermon Notes on Race

An Epistle from an Apostle?  
The Kessler letter
John Trechak on Flurry's PCG
New Religious Movements - PCG
(off site)
Garner Ted Armstrong

Other Material

gta3.jpg (14199 bytes)Geraldo Rivera interviews Suerae Robertson
Excerpts from Alan Kendall's letter to Australian CGI supporters
The WCG Talmud - circa 1973  
David Covington's Open Letter on WCG Abuse  
David Covington's Response to Albrecht  
The Prophecy Game  
HWA's letter to Rod Meredith
Psychological Issues of Former Members of Restrictive Religious Groups
John Trechak on Joe Tkach
The Devil and Stanley Rader
The Phony Feast of Tabernacles
Trouble in the Empire
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